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Guizhou Park Hotel Co., Ltd.



       In 1985, to adapt to the new situation of reform and opening-up , Hu Jintao, then the provincial party secretary of Guizhou Province and Wang Chaowen, then the governor,were far-sighted enough to  make a decision to build Guizhou Park Hotel.  the work to build Guizhou Park Hotel designed by famous designer Liang Chaoru started at the same year. In 1989, the construction was completed and the hotel started business. With 31 floors and a height of 107 meters, the hotel became the highest building and the landmark of Guiyang City in Chinas southwest. Boasting of more than 400 rooms and over 1000 tables, it was awarded as one of the First Three-Star Hotels of the whole province in 1991, the First Four-Star Hotel of the whole province in 1998.


      Over the past 23 years, Guizhou Park Hotel has successfully completed a series of important reception tasks such as tasks of entertaining many parties and national leaders, heads of foreign countries, many famous people in political, business and cultural circles and those from international organizations as well as all kinds of delegates , and hosting many international and national meetings. It has also been awarded many honors and awards including China Hotel Golden Star Award, one of Top100 Outstanding Brand Enterprises in China Hotels, China Hotels Meritorious Enterprise over the past 30 years of reform and opening-up, China Hotel Famous Brand Enterprise, Top100 National Outstanding Star Grade Hotel, Chinas Top 10 Innovative Conference Hotels, Chinas Best Conference Hotels, Outstanding National Brand Enterprise among Chinas hotels, Chinas Conference and Tourism Hotel Brand Award, Innovative Management Award of the World Golden Key Hotel, Best Business Award, 5Cs Quality Award and many others.

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